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July Wingtips


Read Kris's July Edition of wing tips/sites/default/files/documents/WingTips/JulyWingtips.pdf

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CISS OPS 7-3-2016


Due to weather flight ops for today are cancelled 

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Four Days of Soaring
Starting July 1st, and continuing through
Monday, July 4th, our club will be up and
flying! Come out and enjoy a flight…. Bring
family and friends!!!
FREE Hot Dogs ALL DAY Monday

Fourth of July Fly-Fest
Friday, Saturday, Sunday and
Come out and fly each day
starting at 9:00 AM
Special Events! Free Hot
Dogs all day Monday
Fly With A Mentor
in one of the club’s
2-place gliders and
attempt a 50-km


Club Contest to be held on
one or more days!!!
Members from Kendallville
Glider Club also invite d!!!
FREE Hot Dogs
ALL Day Monday
We will ATTEMPT to
log over 100 Flights in
4 Days!!!
This is the PERFECT time to bring
your friends and family out to the

Instructor’s On Hand Each Day
Big Days of Flying!!!


Event date: 
Friday, July 1, 2016 - 09:00 to Monday, July 4, 2016 - 17:00
Event type: 

Annual Safety Meeting


Well it's certain, spring is rapidly approaching, meaning the soaring season is just around the corner. Another sure sign is the club's annual Safety Meeting. This year the mandatory Safety Meeting is Saturday March 26th.  9:00AM

Safety First
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Clean Up Day at Alexandria


Ken Liles has scheduled a general cleanup day for Saturday March 19th.

Team Up to Clean Up
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ASK-21 Fundraising Goal

UPDATE: The board needs to make some final decisions about the financing of the remaining balance of $62,000 due. As a club member your consideration of the funding request ketter sent earlier is important and its confidential. Only Scott who will be handling the details of who has given or pledged support will know of your personal decision about the information you send to him. Due the importance of the final payment, we would ask that you send your intentions to Scot Ortman as soon as possible, i.e. within the next two weeks. The original letter and form can be found by following this link

As a club the need to grow and continue our passion for flying and soaring has always presented us with opportunities and challenges. The board and membership have discussed the need to update our fleet the past few years. The Blanik’s are ageing and difficult to do maintenance upon, much the less the AD’s that come along for them. Our A&P for the sailplane fleet, Aaron, has advised us its time to look before they become only worth salvage. After much deliberation and based on the recommendation of a committee, of both board and club members, we have made the decision to update the fleet. The recommendation was made that if we update the fleet that an ASK 21 would meet our criteria and needs. There are over 900 ASK 21’s in service and many of them used in primary flight training today.

What’s occurred to this point? Blanik 303 BA has been sold; the HP was sold last year along with the Taylorcraft this spring. The HP and Taylorcraft were donated to the club by Clarence Walker, one of the founding members of CISS. Late in March 2015 the order was placed with Eastern Sailplanes of Ohio of our order for an ASK 21. That was motivated in part due to the fact the Euro to US dollars exchange rate was at a low we have not seen in years. That favorable exchange rate saves the club money on our purchase. So we have used our funds available for that, $68,000, getting us in the production line. We were fortunate that our order placed in March put us ahead of others here in the US and we can expect an October 2015 delivery!!

This is a great positive step for us, but there is more to do. We expect the final price to be about $130,000, which includes a trailer as well. The trailer will be equipped to transport to Grob as well.

Not unlike the foresight club members had when purchasing the Grob, new in 1983, this represents a chance to inspire more new students and members to fly. As a club, updating our fleet helps to ensure our future, not unlike the purchase of our “ Field of Dreams”. Attracting new members is important to all of us regardless of whether you rent one of the club sailplanes in our fleet or own your own sailplane. Training and club ships are part of our lifeblood ensuring we continue to have instructors, tow pilots, ground crews and our airfield.

So as Board and Club Members we are asking all current members to consider what they are able to commit in funds etc. To complete this purchase. The goal is to avoid additional debt or financing as much as possible. We do appreciate this a personal decision and respect your decision and privacy. Your decisions will remain confidential and Scot as treasurer will be involved in receiving pledges etc.

Update 1/25/16 - First flights of the ASK-21 by club members were done on Sunday, January 24th. This marks the first of many flying days into our clubs future!

Update 9/12/15 - Pictures! Below are pictures of our new ASK-21 under construction in Germany.


AMA Family Fest and Motorcycle Rally


Be sure to check out the CISS booth at the AMA Family Fest and Motorcycle Rally this Saturday(8/15/15) at the Muncie AMA. This is in celebration of National Model Aviation Day. For more information go to


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Levi Gulley Solos


This past weekend student pilot Levi Gulley had his first solo flight. As usual tradition has it, Levi was properly doused with water following his first succesful flight. Congrats, Levi!


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