Intro Flights

Soaring is a sport which attracts people from all ages and walks of life. Youth may fly sailplanes by themselves at age 14 after completing training. Astronauts who have walked on the moon are glider pilots, and people over 90 years of age have enjoyed sailplane flights. It is a family sport, and is a great experience for everyone’s bucket list!

The Life to the Max Show video featuring Don Ingraham’s Cross Country Soaring Operation in Minnesota provides a nice introduction to soaring.

Airplane Pilots are often curious, and often initially uncomfortable, about flying without a motor. The Aviators TV Series filmed the first glider flights of an experienced powered airplane pilot at the York Soaring Association. This experienced pilot’s reaction to his soaring experience is reassuring. Many CISS members are power pilots who have discovered the challenges and enjoyment of soaring. You may want to join them.


Get Started

To increase awareness and promote the sport of soaring, the Central Indiana Soaring Society offers guests temporary memberships to make a scenic flight or take an introductory flying lesson. Many people like to visit the airport prior to making a flight to observe the activities and to meet the club members. Visitors are always welcome whether to just look around, or to make a flight or take a lesson. There is no obligation or high pressure sales tactics to pressure you to fly. Glider people tend to be laid back and relaxed, so just come out to enjoy some fresh air and fun at the airport. A flight is available if you decide to experience soaring.  The best times are often before noon on a day with bright blue skies that is not very windy.  Reservations are not necessary.

We will look forward to meeting you at the airport soon!



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