CICS Membership

Central Indiana Soaring Society is 501(c)3 corporation organized exclusively for charitable, educational and scientific purposes including:

  1. Promoting the science of motorless flight
  2. Sponsoring and promoting education in flying safety and equipment care
  3. Providing facilities and equipment to test motor less aircraft for the public safety
  4. Financing educational programs to inform the general public of the science of motorless flight

Club members from as far away as Fort Wayne, Rome City, Angola, Terre Haute, Louisville, Lafayette, and Indianapolis come to Alexandria to enjoy their hobby of soaring. They fly in one of the club’s four sailplanes or in one of the dozen privately owned sailplanes based at the airport. Membership is open to anyone interested in flying sailplanes. Approximately half of the club’s 65 members are student pilots learning to fly with the club’s 8 flight instructors. Members vary in age from 12 to over 80.

Benefits of Membership

  • Central Indiana Soaring Society provides an opportunity to fly sailplanes in Central Indiana
  • Costs are kept low by members serving as operations crew teams, tow pilots, or flight instructors
  • Flight instruction is donated by club members who are flight instructors
  • Hangar space and tows are available for private sailplane owners
  • Club social activities include monthly cookouts for all members


Active Member   Membership is for the whole family and allows spouses and children under 21 to fly
Full Membership Initiation:  $1000
– $500 with application
– $250 on 12-month anniversary
– $250 on 24-month anniversaryi
Monthly Dues: $60/month
Annual SSA Membership:  $72/year

Youth Member   Under 22 years of age
Youth Membership Initiation:  $200
Monthly Dues: $15/month
Annual SSA Membership:  $42/year

Club Member Rate Schedule, as of July 2017

Up to 500 ft:  $16
1000 ft: $21
2000 ft: $28
3000 ft: $35
4000 ft: $50

ASK-21: $25/hr
Grob 103: $25.00/hr
Schweizer 1-34: $17.40/hr
Flight Instruction: No charge

Membership Application Form

Apply to be a member is CISS using our online application form.

For additional information contact us